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04 April 2013

Boston 5: Peabody and Natural History Musems & a Portuguese Feast

A tour of Harvard would not be complete -- especially not with Aaron in tow -- without a visit to the Peabody Museum:

Again, I have my issues with museums -- specifically their "owning" (ahem absconding with) national treasures.  In the Peabody's case, they have a large Mayan collection.  Many are reproductions, but some are not.  A few years ago I was actually in Copan (in Honduras), standing in front of the famous Mayan staircase.  And right there in the middle is a big ole hole.  When the tour guide said, "The masterpiece of this staircase, a statue of the king who built it, is at Harvard University," it just broke my heart.  I am not proud that my alma mater is still holding on to something that was collected over 100 years ago when "collections" were gathered indiscriminately.  I hope one day they do the right thing and return it.  Because look at their reproductions: 

Great, right?  Educational and fascinating and not so grievous. 

They also have brilliant reproductions of some of the Mayan world's most stunning murals:

I could have stayed all there.  I am FASCINATED with the Maya -- yes, because they are among my ancestors, but also because of their iconography, their utterly unique world-view.  In my next life I'll be a Mayan archeologist.  (And then maybe Aaron will be a poet?  Ha!)

They also had a glorious Día de los Muertos display:

Attached to the Peabody is the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  It is a fantastic collection:

This is etched aquamarine crystal.  It reminds me of a poem I wrote once about ice.  I'll have to share it one day.

After all that Harvard nostalgia and museum-walking we were starving.  And for my last night in Boston, I had to go to another one of my old favorites, Casa Portugal Restaurant!

Just like dim sum, I have yet to find a good Portuguese restaurant in Minnesota.  Which is a DAMN shame.  Portuguese peeps, please, I beg and implore you!

We had chouriço and fava beans to start:

And prawns and fish for dinner.  See the rice below?  I know it doesn't look like much, but much like the Indian kheer, I have remembered that particular taste for over 15 years.

Mmmmmmmm ... Perfect way to end the day!

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