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12 April 2013

Boston 6: Abolitionist Exhibit, a 2-Pizza-Day and Bye Bye Beantown

Last day in Boston!

Our flight was later in the evening though, so we had time for a few more sites ... AND a slice of true-blue East Coast pizza.  The kind that's bigger than your face.  MMMMM.

Then it was off to the Massachusetts Historical Society.  It is free and has a couple of small exhibits -- small but incredibly powerful.  The one they have now is "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land": Boston Abolitionists, 1831-1865.

This is Mumbet, who famously said, "I am not a dumb Critter, won't the law give me my freedom?" Read her story below:

And here is the story of Quock Walker:

This, ladies and gentlemen is the pen with which President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation:

And a few very important Lincoln letters -- which document his feelings on slavery -- are also on display:

Then it was off to the The Paul Revere House:

Unfortunately you can't take pictures inside.  It's a fascinating look at 17th & 18th century living.  Really, I can't tell you how much I love Boston and her history.  If you're a history nut there is nothing like being in a place and knowing oh, Paul Revere touched these walls. 

We had a little more time before leaving for the airport so we took one last stroll through the North End:

Then is was time for one last meal ... and oh gosh, how typical of us, we decided on pizza again!  This time at the gorgeous Florentine Cafe.  But this was decidedly different; arugula, eggplant & parm:

Oh man.  What a trip!  We packed an amazing amount into 4 days.  And there was so much more we could have seen!

This is the best way I know how to sum up my feelings about Boston:  I want a new tattoo.  I want the 4 national/state flowers of the places I have considered home:  El Salvador, Minnesota, South Africa -- and Massachusetts.

Till next time you beautiful city of my heart.

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